The Rise of Skywalker is here — the end of a 9-movie saga that started when the Denver Nuggets had just joined the NBA. Surprisingly, that’s not actually where the similarities stop, though, at least not to the hosts of The Dig, who spend hours pondering things like which Star Wars character Nikola Jokic would be.

In part one of a Star Wars-themed special episode, Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley connect all the Nuggets and Star Wars dots, in addition to waxing philosophical about objectivity vs. subjectivity in storytelling and sports, Star Wars’ place in our culture, and silly fan theories.

The Dig is a Denver Nuggets podcast by Nick Hertzog and Jeremy Poley that tries to use the Force to unlock the most dominant Denver Nuggets narrative every week. Secretly, Nick Hertzog wishes he could host a Star Wars podcast, but he’s content getting one in on occasion … for right now.

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