About a week ago reports surfaced that the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Clippers had at the very least had preliminary discussions regarding a trade centered around Blake Griffin. Initial reports stated the Clippers had reached out to Denver to propose a Griffin trade. However, those reports were refuted later by the Clippers, stating it was the Nuggets who called and LA was not interested

Today we find out, according to Chris Broussard of ESPN (I know, I know), not only did the Clippers reach out to the Nuggets, but they asked for a king’s ransom and got shot down. Broussard stated that the proposed deal was Griffin and Lance Stephenson for Will Barton, Danilo Gallinari, Kenneth Faried and Nikola Jokic. Those four players make up a large portion of Denver’s rotation making it a heavy price to pay for the Nuggets. Broussard stated that Denver declined the deal. The Clippers are still stating they are not shopping Blake Griffin per Dan Woike of the OC Register.

This type of back and forth is typical around the trade deadline with more rumors sure to come. If true, then LA is certainly is starting high with their asking price. It seems unlikely Denver would part with Jokic and they have repeatedly denied that Gallinari is available. Still, a player with the star power of Griffin is enticing. If the deal went as proposed the Nuggets could feature a core of Griffin, Emmanuel Mudiay, Gary Harris and Jusuf Nurkic.

The second detractor for Denver is Griffin can terminate his contract at the end of next season. To give up anything close to what the Clippers are asking the Nuggets would likely need assurances that Griffin would stay with the team long term. Given his age, playing ability, earning potential and celebrity it seems unlikely Griffin would give those assurances to any team. Of course, with four days left before the deadline, there's still plenty of time for some sort of deal to be worked out.