In the latest episode of The Chick n’ Nuggets Podcast with Jena Garcia featuring Reilly Biller, the girls asks all the questions Nuggets fans are wondering. The most important question being, who's the MVP now? Of course neither Jena nor Reilly are happy to see any player out due to injury, but Nikola Jokic remains phenomenal and indestructible or at the very least, less injury prone than Joel Embiid. Nikola continues to reign atop every statistical field and play at a consistent MVP level.

The Nuggets are also playing better of late, closing out the first half of the season with a four-game winning streak and beginning to look like they have found a better fit for Michael Porter Jr.’s talents. Reilly and Jena talk about the key factors they believe the Nuggets must possess to reach the top tier of teams in the NBA. They discuss trade options that would best improve this team and take them to that next level, not that either is convinced the Nuggets will make a move at the deadline. And while Jena believes that championship team is centered around Nikola Jokic you will have to check out the pod to find out who Reilly thinks is the player to build around in the coming future.

They the debate the toughest upcoming matchups on Denver’s schedule heading into the trade deadline. Let’s just hope its a better deadline than getting rid of Malik Beasley and the basketball boy next door, Juancho Hernangomez for a handful of guys none of us can name and who didn’t make the team better.