A quarter. Something the Denver Nuggets lose a LOT lately.

A quarter. A unit of American currency equaling one quarter dollar. As in, "Here's a quarter, call someone who cares." Because not many Nuggets fans seem to care much about the remainder of this Nuggets season, and who could blame them?

After another inglorious loss, this time to the Phoenix Suns, the Nuggets find themselves winners of two of their last 19 games. Combine that horror with watching Jusuf Nurkic go down with a nasty rolled ankle, and it was hard not to ask yourself, how much worse is it going to get for the Nuggets over these last 25 games? I know, why ask that question? But I thought I might take a look at the last 25 opponents, and see how we match up. And if there’s anything I’m good at, it’s Nuggets prognosticating!*

*Editor's disclaimer:** Mike Olson has foolishly picked the Nuggets to finish third in the West this season and to possibly break the 57-game-win season record. He was also seen placing a bet in a Las Vegas casino that the Nuggets would win the NBA Championship this season. Clearly a basketball mind for our times.

**- edited by Mike Olson

Two for 19 gives you an 11 percent winning clip, and would net our Nuggets another three wins by the end of this season. But does the schedule even bear out that supposition? Here's what's on the way for the schedule, and one Stiff's picks:

2/27 vs. Utah – Utah has a barely-better record, but has won four of their last six, and seem to want to win. Advantage, Jazz.

3/1 vs. New Orleans – New Orleans may or may not have Anthony Davis in the lineup, but are still finding ways to win without him, and sit on the fringe of a playoff berth. Advantage, Pelicans.

3/3 vs. Milwaukee – The Bucks have played their way back into the lower Eastern playoff hunt. It’s entirely possible the Nuggets lose five in a row at the Pepsi Center during this home stand, and I believe 11 in a row at home in total. Ugh. Advantage, Bucks.

3/4 at Minnesota – The Timberwolves find themselves with Kevin Garnett back in the fold to mold and shape the rest of the pups, and they’ve actually won five of their last eight. Right now, they only have 13 wins. Ask me about this one again by then, but Denver may just be upset enough from an embarrassing home stand to wrest away a victory. Or they may be burning out on the second night of a back-to-back. Advantage, Nuggets. Probably. So decisive.

3/6 at San Antonio – I don’t care what seed they are, they’re the defending champs. And we’re a hot enough mess to resemble eight balogna sandwiches bouncing back after a few too many turns on Elitches’ Tilt-A-Whirl. Yes, I speak from experience. Advantage, Spurs.

3/7 vs. Houston – The Rockets are no joke, with James Harden having his best season yet. Unfortunately not a warm homecoming for your Nuggets. Advantage, Houston.

3/9 vs. New York – Probably the best shot the rest of the season the Nuggets have at a "game they oughta win". Please. This still may be a sad day in this depressing race to the bottom. Advantage, Nuggets.

3/11 vs. Atlanta – Best in the East? Chalk up an L. Advantage, Hawks.

3/13 vs. Golden State – Followed by Best in the West. That’s cold. Advantage, Warriors.

3/15 at New Orleans – See above, but put it at their place, with Anthony Davis probably healed and fighting for a playoff spot. Advantage, Pelicans.

3/16 at Memphis – Back-to-back Western Conference powers on an Eastern swing. Not cool, schedulers. Not cool. Advantage, Grizzlies.

3/19 at Houston – Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Advantage, Rockets.

3/20 at Miami – Miami is only 25-31 at the point of this writing, but are fighting at the bottom of the Eastern Conference playoffs. They’ll be motivated and at home if that’s still true. The Nuggets may make this one a contest, but advantage, Heat.

3/22 at Orlando – The last of a five-game-roadie and somehow Evan Fournier goes off. Just seems to be the way of this season. Could be wrong, but advantage, Magic.

3/25 vs. Philadelphia – Two days rest. At home against a team that has defined aspirations to hit the bottom. The other probable W on the Nuggets schedule. Advantage, Nuggets.

3/27 vs. Utah – Denver could build up two in a row if luck runs their way, unless that's not the luck they were looking for. We'll see, but that's not been the way the Nuggets season has gone, at least over the last 20 games or so. Advantage, Jazz.

3/28 at Portland – Nope. Advantage, Trail Blazers

4/1 at Utah – Another question mark, but in Utah, and after calling four days prior a Jazz victory in Denver, I'm going with my gut. Which, again, is SO accurate. Advantage, Jazz.

4/3 at San Antonio – You get it. Advantage, Spurs.

4/4 vs. Los Angeles Clippers – The Clippers are out to prove their mettle this year through some adversity. Advantage, Clippers.

4/8 vs. Los Angeles Lakers – Huh. Maybe there are four wins left in this season. Maybe? Advantage, Nuggets.

4/10 vs. Dallas – The Mavericks are having some ups and downs this season, but have plenty of firepower to beat the Nuggets in Denver. Advantage, Mavericks.

4/12 vs. Sacramento – I’ve watched George Karl be outcoached. I don’t see that happening this time. Advantage, Kings.

4/13 at Los Angeles Clippers – I may go to this penultimate game as my own mental Viking funeral for the season. Advantage, Vikings. Er, Clippers.

4/15 at Golden State – It's like the perfect nightmarish way to end this crappy season, against the team that lit the fuse on your last happy view of the Nuggets. Except this time, they're the top team in the West. Basketball Gods, I got yer number one right here. Advantage, Warriors.

That's what I see, Nuggets Nation. Not so pretty, and somewhere in the two-to-four wins left for the remainder. What do you see? You can tell me. Here's a quarter.

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