In this episode, I share my notes on one of the more impressive Denver Nuggets wins of the season, a 114-105 statement victory over the Boston Celtics. Nikola Jokic dominated every facet of the game, no one could make a wide open shot, and Isaiah Thomas got a nice tribute from the Celtics fans and from Michael Malone who placed him in the rotation for the first time in over a week. But the real story was how much the Denver Nuggets looked like their best self on both ends of the court as they began their 4-game road trip with a win. 

Lastly, I reflect on the journey the Nuggets have taken since 2015 to build this team the “right” way and to not skip steps along the way. This milestone feels authentic, and real, and appropriate for a franchise who has learned that you can’t take shortcuts on the road to success.