DeMarcus Cousins’s second 10-day contact with the Nuggets expired over the weekend. Meaning if the Nuggets would like to keep Cousins around they’ll need to sign him for the rest of the season. According to Shams, DeMarcus Cousins is expected to sign back to Denver in the coming days. The Nuggets backup center has been a constant theme of this season but it appears that the front office liked what they saw from Boogie.

Cousins has averaged 6 points and 6 rebounds a game during his tenure as a Nugget. While he is not the Boogie we remember from Sac-Town or the Big Easy he can fill a role that this Nuggets team needs. Coach Malone likes him and so did the fans, it seems like a natural thing to do in bringing him back.

DeMarcus won't be playing substantial minutes every game but he will definitely have an opportunity to prove he’s worth the minutes. Cousins is known for his emotional play on the court and that’s exactly what the Nuggets need off the bench. I would much rather Boogie be picking up these Technical Fouls instead of Nikola Jokic. If Cousins can make his 3’s and still be agile on the defensive end he will be a good pickup for the Nuggets. While there are still some chances of roster moves, I think Boogie was the final move for this season.