Anyone who’s anyone in the NBA wants to be blessed by the BasedGod.

Rapper, song writer, and producer Lil B has made a living in the NBA by providing his blessing as the BasedGod. He famously gave James Harden the “BasedGod” curse a couple of seasons ago, and even though Harden had a wonderful season, he finished on a low note against the San Antonio Spurs in an elimination game.

The Nuggets decided to tempt fate on Twitter tonight, responding to Lil B after not being included in Lil B’s “blessed” teams this year:

To which Lil B provided this response:

The Nuggets do not want to tempt fate here. Paul Millsap is already injured. Nikola Jokic has been injured. There’s no reason to add more negative karma to the season with things going as well as they are.

Hopefully, the Nuggets can get back in Lil B’s good graces shortly.