Nikola Jokic released a new, JokerMoji app this weekend and it’s…exactly what you’d expect. And more. The Joker is known for his offbeat sense of humor and general goofiness which has made him the hipster superstar the NBA needs and in many ways, an anti-star. In an era where most professional athletes have teams of people carefully crafting an image and brand, Jokic is recording “Jokes with Joker,” a series of low-aiming jokes that are so cringe-worthy that they're funny.

The JokerMoji app is the “Jokes with Joker” of apps. It’s so over the top that it’s actually kind of fun and funny. The $1.99 app gives fans 40 Jokic-centered emojis to choose from that can be inserted into text messages. The emojis are animated and cover a wide range of moods, emotions, and moments that can be added to a text conversation to convey certain responses.

Here is the definitive ranking of all 40 emojis.

40. The number 15

This one is the most boring and also the least useful in the pack. There is no situation in which you’d text this to anyone and if you did, it would be a waste.

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39. The Joker card

There are three variations of this card – one still emoji and two animated ones. The animated ones are just the card spinning in different ways. It’s a fine emoji but why are Jokic’s lips blue? Did he huff paint? Did he cannibalize a smurf? I have questions about this emoji and it kind of creeps me out.

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35-38: The bland ones

All of these are slightly animated but, like the #15 emoji, I can’t imagine when you’d use these in a text conversation. Perhaps if Jokic is on a roll and you want to text your friend to remind him that Jokic is the Serbian Sensation? And “The Joker” one has those blue lips again. Jokic looks like a fiend in that emoji!

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32-34: Serbian Jersey Jokic

This is the first ones on the list to feature a full portrait of Jokic. The Serbian jersey avatars are pretty nice but none of these emojis are animated. Not sure I’ll use these too often.

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28-31: Nicknames and phrases

According to google translate, ajde is Serbian for “come on.” Not sure if that’s accurate, perhaps “let’s go” is more appropriate. Either way, its only a slightly useful emoji to use in conversation in English. It also doesn’t feature Jokic anywhere in the text.

The Denver Emoji is nice for us Denver-based fans since it’s a nod to our city. Point Center is a nice nod to Jokic’s rare skill set and Magic Jokic is an under-utilized nickname that is clearly a nod to the Denver Stiffs for making the sold out and now collector’s item, Magic Jokic tee.

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27. Jokic and his girlfriend

There’s so much to unpack here. I didn’t know I needed this emoji in my life until I saw it. It’s animated so Joker’s cheeseburger grin moves side to side. Jokic also appears to be wearing the world’s biggest shoes. But what’s nice about this one is it’s a nice emoji to send to the one you love. A perfect emoji addition to the late-night “you up?” text to that special someone.

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26. Joker face

While I’m not a fan of the blue lips in the emoji’s up above, this animation really pulls it off. Jokic peaks in from the left, then the right, then from below as his crazy-eyed, blue-lipped smile pops up. “Can’t see my, Can’t see my, No you can’t see my Joker Face. (he is gonna let nobody).”

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13-25: Jokic faces

These are all gold. They work better than regular emojis for conveying everyday emotions. Who knew Joker had such range of expression? Fun side note: All of these expressions are 10x better than any expression Jokic is giving in his Getty images. It’s so hard to find a photo of Jokic that doesn’t look like this.

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7-12: Podium Jokic

I’m never responding to a yes or no text without using one of these emojis ever again.

“Do you want Tacos for dinner?” Insert Yes podium emoji.

“Will you please stop using those damn Jokic emojis?!” Insert No podium emoji.

“I’m serious! Stop it or else I’m deleting them from your phone!” Insert What??? podium emoji.

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2-6: Avatars

It’s hard to describe just how silly all of these are without the animations. From steam flying out of Joker’s ears to two very different but equally goofy marching moves. The wave emoji is the perfect ice-breaker for sending that Tinder date that you thought went well but then you haven’t heard back for a couple of days. It’s disarming and friendly and certain to be a smash hit. (Disclaimer: I’ve never used Tinder and haven’t been on a date since 2001.)

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1. Sombor/Denver horse cart racer

Here it is. The fillet of the emoji pack. It brings it all together. Horse racing is Jokic’s favorite hobby, especially this crazy type of harness racing which I’m told is as dangerous as it is obscure. It’s also got Jokic’s two hometowns. His adopted hometown of Denver, the city in which he is rapidly rising as a star. And Sombor, his real hometown in northern Serbia. While I’m not sure when is appropriate to use this one, I am certain that it is perfect in every way.

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