In the latest episode of The Chick N’ Nuggets Podcast, the girls touch on a few recent topics in Nuggets news, including the Nuggets 4-0 winning streak as well as that really weird flagrant 2 foul assessed to Jamal Murray in the Mavericks game. Was it intentional or not? Reilly and Jena get into all the nooks and crannies of the hottest topics in Nuggets Nation, and Reilly gives a heartfelt apology to Michael Porter Jr. as well.

Jena and Reilly also dive deep into the present day with some of the greatest Nuggets of all time. They look into the present life of ten Nuggets greats and tell fans what some of their players are up to after basketball ends. From Dikembe Mutombo to Andre Miller and more. Some players are thriving, advocating, and investing in their futures while others have struggled. Find out what your favorite player has been up to on the latest episode of the Chick N’ Nuggets Podcast with Jena Garcia, featuring Reilly Biller.