The Nuggets are on a hot streak, winning all three contests at home over the past 7 days. And while a win is good, each of these wins came with questions, worries, and moments that stunned and startled us all. Whether passing off backboards for dunks or off teammates for a three-pointer, these games have been exciting!

In this episode of The Chick ‘n’ Nuggets Podcast, I go through some interesting advanced stats that will also stun and startle you. Some of theses stats offer a clear path to answers looming when it comes to the Nuggets second unit, and staggered rotations that head coach Michael Malone has implemented over the past few games.

The Chick ‘n’ Nuggets Podcast is hosted by social media manager, Jena Garcia. The goal of this podcast is to find creative ways to discuss Nuggets basketball over the course of the season.