In the latest episode of The Chick n’ Nuggets, Jena and Reilly talk all things love and Nuggets basketball. Like all sports fans know, being a true fan of any team is like being in a relationship with that team. You make time to watch your team, you listen and learn about how the players feel, you really follow and invest in the team, you even end up loving it; just as you would a relationship. Here on The Chick n’ Nuggets we believe in open, honest communication about our feelings in the very real relationship we are in with the Denver Nuggets.

In this episode, the girls go back and forth about some of the most challenging aspects of their current relationship with the Denver Nuggets. They also get into the bigger picture for this team and where they land amongst all NBA teams this season. Does a trade make sense at this point? There is plenty of relationship advice and laughs in this episode, as always! The indecisiveness or lack of commitment to a trade, the complicating dynamics when one partner doesn't perform, the blame game and many other relationship issues are covered in this Valentine’s episode of The Chick n’ Nuggets Podcast with Jena Garcia, featuring Reilly Biller.