The Chick N’ Nuggets Grilled will be a new weekly episode of The Chick N’ Nuggets where host Jena Garcia will interview someone of the important voices of the NBA that are loosely connected to the games the Nuggets play each week.

This week it seemed only fitting to kick off our first episode with an old friend with new adventure, Kendra Andrews. Kendra has been featured and even co-hosted several episodes of The Chick N’ Nuggets last season. Formerly with The Athletic, Kendra left Denver to pursue covering the Warrior, back in her home town. Jena and Kendra covered the Denver Nuggets and were two of four girls in the locker room, on a regular basis, leading into the strangest NBA season ever.Through the COVID-19 pandemic season, they found new and creative ways to spend time together and talk cover the Denver Nuggets.

Check out this episode, where Jena and Kendra catch up and tell you some of the craziest stories from their time covering the Denver Nuggets during a season where the world lost Kobe Bryant, implemented protocols for a virus they didn't understand and then completely shut down the season and come back for an exhilarating bubble run with the Denver Nuggets.