17 short days away, until we all unite

To see the blue and yellow, ready to take flight.

We got veterans and rookies, the young and the not so

Players from the wise Mike Miller, to the young “Blue Arrow.”

There’s the powerful Jusuf Nurkic, ready to slam it down

And the lengthy Nikola Jokic, so happy to have him in town.

There's the French Toupane, the Spanish Juancho

So much young talent, all very macho.

That was a stretch, but come on give me a break

So many unique names, some rhymes you have to fake.

One thing that's not fake, is Will Barton's skill

Nobody knew who he was, until he controlled the bench at will.

And who could forget, the Italian Gallo

Quite good looking, but hey, I'm not shallow.

He's also quite good, at this game that he plays

Let's hope he stays healthy, and stays that way for days.

Speaking of healthy, we finally get to see

A new and improved Ill Will, how lucky are we?

Now all we can hope for, with all of our hearts

Is that Gary Harris comes back, and once again starts.

This lineup controversy, I did not mean to mention

But since I did, maybe we should all listen…

To what Michael Malone says, because it could be a hint

Faried could be great off the bench, we have to admit.

The Manimal will still always be, a basketball freak

So full of energy and enthusiasm, kind of like Malik.

Beasley, that is, one of the young talents in the game

Giving Malone a lot to ponder, who to play and who to shame.

That may be too harsh, I think I have to take it back

All of our players deserve time, of talent we definitely do not lack.

Just look at the point guard position, with Emmanuel Mudiay

And the still very capable Jameer Nelson, here to see another day.

Next is the savvy power forward, a hand he will lend

Arthur, first name Darrell, will bring this poem to an end.