Everyone has their favorites. Everyone has a dunk they can point to that they think is the best one they have ever seen. Nuggets history hasn't been populated with spectacular dunks, but one (to me) stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

Game 3 of the Western Conference first round in 1994. Denver Nuggets vs. the Seattle Supersonics. George Karl’s Sonics had taken the first two games in Seattle and were looking to sweep the Nuggets in Denver. Your Denver Nuggets had other plans. In what is the one of the greatest moments in Nuggets history, the 8th-seeded team came back and won three straight games to knock off the 1-seed Sonics.

It started with Denver blowing out the Sonics in game three at McNichols Sports Arena (Big Mac). The punctuation mark was a coast to coast, take it all the way, dunk for the ages by one Robert Pack. Pack (who is now an assistant coach in New Orleans) had come in second in that year’s slam dunk contest so it was no surprise what Pack could do. This, was such an emphatic moment that is signified the Nuggets resolve and determination to not be humiliated in a sweep by the Sonics. It turned out to be oh so much more. This series (and the near miraculous second round comeback against the Jazz the following series) remain the one, brief shining moment in an otherwise horrible 12 years (1991-2003) for Nuggets fans.

Watch this video from the 7:15 mark on. For those of you who don't know who Robert Pack is, or this dunk. Now you know. In my opinion this is the greatest dunk in Nuggets history. Remember, start watching from the 7:15 mark and behold the beauty.

1994 WCQF Gm. 3 Sonics @ Nuggets pt. 10 (via ScottPippenBulls)