In this episode of the Locked on Nuggets podcast, I discuss the news that Kyrie Irving is interested in leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Denver Nuggets have been interested in several high-profile all-stars so it would not be surprising if they got into the running for Kyrie.

I discuss his impressive skill set including his high efficiency on all of the types of plays that Denver ran best last season. He was elite at finishing off of cuts, spot ups, and handoffs, with the added bonus of being elite as an isolation scorer and pick-and-roll ball-handler. All of those skills would fit perfectly with Denver’s style of play. However, his skill is balanced by the fact that he has an incredibly high usage as a ball-in-hand playmaker off of the dribble, meaning, if he doesn’t change his player profile, he will likely take away from some of the things Denver likes to do.

Lastly, I look into a few basic trade ideas and pieces that are likely to be involved in any offer for Kyire. It is almost certain that one of Gary Harris or Jamal Murray would be involved in a trade. I talk about what those trades might look like.