The 2020-21 season brings us, presumably, not only the first NBA league MVP in Denver Nuggets history, but also the first Denver Stiffs commenter awards…The Stiffies!

One of our favorite commenters on Denver Stiffs — Blues Man — approached me last week about celebrating the most valuable voices. So much of Denver Stiffs is built on community, experiencing being a fan of the Denver Nuggets as a collective group. Blues Man thought it would be a good idea to celebrate those voices that make this community special, and how could I say no? We appreciate each and every voice at Denver Stiffs, but especially those that help continue the proud traditions formed by Andrew Feinstein, Nate Timmons, and Jeff Morton in the early stages of sports blogging.

To recognize the contributors that made the Denver Stiffs comment sections, a must-read this season along with the content generated by the Denver Stiffs writers, please cast your vote for one member among each of the five categories below. If you wish, you can write-in other candidates of your choosing in the comments section (by limiting the number of nominees to just three in each category, it is unavoidable that there are some egregious omissions; many other Stiffs are deserving of inclusion on the ballot). 

Voting polls will close at midnight on Monday, June 7th in just over 36 hours, so make sure to cast your votes before then!

Congratulations to all the nominees. May the best Stiffs win!

Most Valuable Stiff



Dozier is a more loyal Iguodala

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Contributor of the Year

Tomas Tim

Tim Francis


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Funniest Stiff of the Year



Plea for Intelligence

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GIF Master of the Year



Michael Jugs of Porter

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Soul of the Stiffs


Throw It Down Big Man Throw It Down

Henry Hughes (Hank)

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