In the final episode of the 2021 post-season, Jena and Reilly reminisce on the Phoenix Suns series, the Denver Nuggets season as a whole, and the ups and downs of the last year. After a tough loss that led to a second round season sweep, it was a sad start to the week for Denver sports fans but, in the words of Michael Malone, “We are not going to let this series define the season.”

There were tons of exciting moments this season including some of the highest moments in Nuggets history and a ton of lows as well. Tons of topics covered on this pod and well worth the listen for any diehard Nuggets fan. Most importantly, a long rant about the league ejecting the MVP from an elimination game in the playoffs and the future of the Denver Nuggets.

Big thank you to all who have followed along with us and listened this season.