Emancipation_proclamation_mediumNate and I are proud to introduce Jeffrey Morton – formerly “jpage78” – as a guest contributor to Denver Stiffs.

The announcement of Jeffrey’s addition to the Denver Stiffs team will probably get lost among all this Carmelo Anthony news, but we wanted to let our readers know sooner than later as Jeffrey will be contributing to the site (beyond his comments deriding and disagreeing with everything I write) beginning tonight.

Nate and I decided to bring Jeffrey on board for a few reasons. First, thanks to the great readers here this site has grown exponentially and the demand for new daily content far exceeds what Nate and I can handle considering this isn’t either of our full-time jobs. Additionally, this site needs someone who can contribute new content at a moment’s notice, and Jeffrey is able to do so. Second, Jeffrey has not only been a frequent commenter but has written many lengthy FanPosts. He has a unique point of view when it comes to the Nuggets and he’s a damn good writer to boot.

And third, and perhaps most importantly, Jeffrey never agrees with anything I say (Nate and I only agree about half the time as it is) and we believe it's important to have a diversified set of views representing the spectrum of Nuggets fans here at Denver Stiffs.

Jeffrey is a Colorado native, is a graduate of Central High School in Grand Junction and currently lives in the Denver area.  In addition to his obsession with the Nuggets, he closely follows the Broncos, Rockies and CU Football.

Please join Nate and myself as we warmly welcome Jeffrey Morton to the Denver Stiffs team!