This is an open thread y’all! Put all your thoughts on the NCAA tournament games below in the comment section!

How about those Nuggets? Man, I go away for part of a week and they proceed to get MORE injured and lost a home game by 31 points. Just goes to show I can’t go anywhere right? RIGHT?? In all seriousness, it’s been a very long time since we as Nuggets fans have been on the opposite end of the playoffs. The south side of the sky if you will. (ahem) Hopefully the Nuggets provide fans with a reason to hope in this coming off season.

Scanning twitter this morning I came across an article that was so poorly reasoned, so hackneyed that OF COURSE I must provide the link for you below to laugh at. It's not a certain Denver Post columnist either. Just read and try not to throw your computer of phone out of the window.

NLRB ruling on Northwestern football players opens up more questions than answers – Sally Jenkins, Washington Post

I don't care where you come down on the subject of unions. That is beside the point. Jenkins assumption (and apparently advanced by Michigan State coach Tom Izzo) that you need to "earn" the ability to work is patently absurd. Everyone should get paid for their work, right?

Anyway…Place your thoughts below on the NCAA games today.