We're looooong overdue for a Stiff List, so here's your summer edition!

Orlando Magic
For the second time in franchise history, the Magic allow the NBA’s best center to leave their franchise and join the Lakers. At least this time around, the Magic received three meaningless first round draft picks.

Dwight Howard
Amazingly, Howard’s prolonged, drawn-out “Dwightmare” was able to make us forget about LeBron James‘ “The Decision” and Carmelo Anthony’s “Melodrama”.

Andrew Bynum
By refusing to re-sign with the Magic in any Howard deal, Bynum forgoes living in Orlando with its beautiful weather and no state income tax and instead gets to play in … Philadelphia.

Derrick Rose’s right knee
After tearing his ACL in the opening game of the Bulls‘ 2012 playoff run, Derrick Rose isn’t projected to be back on an NBA floor until after February.

Portland Trail Blazers
Looking to make an inspirational, unique hire at head coach, the Blazers opt for … Terry Stotts? In two coaching stints at Atlanta and Milwaukee, Stotts won 40.6% of his games.