The Denver Nuggets held practice in the Pepsi Center on Friday morning, and while Michael Malone’s extension and the team’s win in the season opener were topics of discussion, they weren’t the main event. When the doors opened and the media poured onto the court, our collective gaze was drawn to a small huddle of key players in the Nuggets organization. Michael Malone and Tim Connelly were chatting, as they often do, but they weren’t alone. They were standing with WNBA star and basketball legend, Sue Bird.

The media were told that Bird was not there in any official capacity, though she was in town to chat with team executives. Bird is still an active player, but she’s reportedly interested in maintaining a career in basketball beyond her playing days. Her status as a player obviously disallows her from joining a team in a full time role, but some sort of internship could be on the table.

Bird, an eleven time All-Star, three time WNBA champion, and the all time leading passer in WNBA history, needs no introduction—but if you wanted to give her one, there’s no shortage of titles and accolades to reference.

There is no word yet about a timetable for Bird’s retirement. She’s fresh off of a WNBA title with the Seattle Storm, and has shown few signs of slowing down on the court. Nonetheless, the 38 year old is planting the seeds for a potential career in front office work. Here’s to hoping that starts here in Denver.