There is an urban legend about Larry Bird that, after dominating the league on an extended road trip, he vowed to play the last game of the road trip by shooting with his left hand. He was even so cocky as to tell his opponent, the Portland Trailblazers, that he planned on shooting left handed for three quarters of the game.

We here at have been basically doing the same thing. Sure, we could easily be perfect on the season in stump the stiffs, but what fun is there in dominating your own competition? Better to try and make it a fair fight and punt the first 7 weeks of competition before turning it up in week 8. So without further ado, be warned: this awful start to this friendly competition has been intentional. Our real domination begins today!

The Stiffs staff will be represented by basketball genius and prediction savant, Adam Mares. The stiffs commenters will be represented by StuporNova who doesn't know anything about basketball. And reddit will be repreented by /u/dmars, who doesn't know anything about anything.

Stump the Stiffs Week 8 Stiffs Staff
Adam Mares
Stiffs Commenters
Nuggets at Jazz Nuggets Nuggets Nuggets
Grizzlies at Mavericks Mavericks Mavericks Grizzlies
Raptors at Heat Heat Heat Raptors
Hawks at Celtics Celtics Hawks Celtics
Over/Under Star Wars makes
$250 million at the box office
opening weekend
Over Over Over

Adam Mares: I'm going to roll with the Nuggets winning streak and pick them to beat the struggling Utah Jazz. I think having Jameer Nelson playing more minutes actually helps the team a bit and I just like the direction that the Nuggets are going right now. I still don't trust the Grizzlies and I am secretly hoping that they fall out of the playoffs so that the Nuggets get their 1st round draft pick (protected 1-5, 15-30). The Heat are good at home, bad on the road. Since they are home, I'm picking them. The Celtics are really good for a team without a superstar talent. And Star Wars, which I saw last night, will blow the doors off of $250 million. I saw it last night and had to park a mile away because the theater was so packed with people camping out hours before the movie started. Unreal. But the movie was good. I really liked the part where [redacted] went to find [redacted] at [redacted] and then gets in a fight and kills [redacted}.

StuporNova: I have to go with the Nuggets. They are playing at a high level, winning 5 of last 6. It is a road game, but the Jazz are without Gobert, so no rim protector equals points in the paint. Mavs/Grizz is a tough one. Both teams come in with the same record, and same 5-5 over last 10 games. It is a home game, but Dallas is only 6-5 at home. I'll take the Mavs anyhew [sic]. Heat is [sic] playing well at home, so I'll give this one to Miami. Celtics game is another coin flip, but I'll take the Hawks in this one. Lastly, Star Wars is an easy one. Looking at all time box office records for opening weekend, Avaturd [sic] got $760 million back then. Star Wars should do better, so Over.
/u/dmars1001: I love my Nugs and what is it now? 5 out of 6? They're hot. Griz, always hate the way they slow the game down, but it can be effective. Raptors, my dad is from TDot. Celtics, love me some (injured) Marcus Smart. Star Wars is everything.

Week 8, in the books. Make sure to get with our moderators (Russ Hamilton, Mancar and CombatChuk) or Alec Gwin (@alecgwin) if you'd like to participate. May the force be with you all.

If you’re keeping score:

Stiffs Writers: 13-22

Stiffs Commenters: 18-17

Nuggets subreddit: 23-12

Got ya right where we want ya!