Stump the Stiffs, a weekly pick em challenge than involves Stiffs staff and our faithful readers, charges into week three. This week we stick to our weekly prognostication of how the Nuggets will fare and mix in a couple inter conference showdowns. Also, we’ll take a guess at how long the boos will rain down on Ty Lawson tonight.

On the docket for making our picks this week are Russ Hamilton, moderation guru, for the Stiffs Staff, Stiffs Commenter and representative of the Adriatic Contingent Larry Doubtfire, and Denver Nuggets subreddit participant u/eg14000 . Pick time!

Stump the Stiffs
Week 3 – 11/13/15
Stiffs Staff
Russ Hamilton
Stiffs Commenter
Larry Doubtfire

Reddit Commenter u/eg14000

Rockets at Nuggets Rockets Nuggets Rockets
Blazers at Grizzlies Blazers Grizzlies Blazers
Jazz at Magic Magic Magic Magic
Nets at Kings Kings Nets Kings

Over/Under/Push: Ty Lawson will be

booed for three quarters

Under Over Under

Russ Hamilton (@Rscotham): I would love to pick the Nuggets in their opening night rematch against the Rockets, but I just can’t. They’ve been playing like, well, the Rockets since their near disastrous start to the season, and they’re going to be pissed at their loss to the Nets. Grizzlies are not in a good place right now, and I just don’t see them scoring enough to keep up with the Blazers, even at home. The Jazz and the Magic match up is tough, but I’m going with the home team here. Finally, two train wrecks meeting in a head on collision. Somehow, I think the angry dysfunction of the Kings will trump the listless indifference of the Nets. Unfortunately, as has been recently well documented, crowds at The Can don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to boo Lawson for more than a quarter and a half.

Larry Doubtfire: No way I’m picking anyone against our Nuggets. Dr. Congo leads us to victory and James Harden starts pouting in the 3rd quarter while Lawson looks again like he doesn’t want to be here. Grizzlies grind a close win at home against the Trailblazers while looking really old and tired doing it with a promise that the Nuggets get a nice first round pick from them. Orlando takes this one against a tired Utah team that had a game the night before. Nets get a surprise win on the road against the Kings because I just think that the Nets have a better team than their record is showing and the Kings are pure chaos. Taking the over on the Ty Lawson boos. All 4 quarters he is going to get very aggressive, yet not that loud boos.

Redditor u/eg14000: Believe it or not I did consider picking the Nuggets, however our home court advantage just isn't that good this year. In my opinion Damian Lillard is a top five point guard right now and the Grizzlies have looked awful lately. Magic vs Jazz could go either way and I wanted to take the Jazz, but the Magic have home court with slightly better talent. The Kings are underrated team with a underrated coach and the Nets are justifiably the worst team in the league. I've been to Nuggets games and the booing gets boring after a while. The fans will give up either in the first or second quarter and who can blame them, he is a point guard.

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If you're keeping score:

Stiffs staff season record: 5-5

Stiffs commenters season record: 6-4

Nuggets subreddit season record: 8-2 (5-0 last week!!)