Just in time for the playoffs, professor David J. Berri of "The Wages of Wins" fame has a new book out and Denver Stiffs readers can win a free copy!

To win one of four free copies of “Stumbling on Wins”, simply pick the number of postseason wins the Nuggets will “stumble on” (including the NBA Finals if you think they’re going that far) and email your answer to [email protected] before noon MST on Saturday, April 17th. As a tiebreaker, included in your answer must be the total combined score of the Nuggets final playoff or NBA Finals game.

Entrants who pick the exact number of postseason games won by the Nuggets and correctly guess – or come closest without going over – the total combined score of the Nuggets final postseason game, will be eligible to receive a free copy of “Stumbling on Wins.

For the official contest rules, please visit this page.


Don’t they want to win? Every sports fan asks that question. And no wonder! Teams have an immense amount of detailed, quantifiable information to draw upon. They have powerful incentives for making good decisions. Everyone sees the results of their choices, and the consequences for failure are severe. And yet, they keep making the same mistakes over and over again…mistakes you’d think they’d learn how to avoid!

Now, two leading sports economists reveal those mistakes in basketball, baseball, football, and hockey–and explain why sports decision-makers never seem to learn their lessons. You’ll learn which statistics are linked to wins and which aren’t…and which statistics can predict the future and which can’t (information that just might help you dominate your next fantasy league!).

The next quantum leap beyond Moneyball, this book offers powerful new insights into all human decision-making. Because if multimillion dollar sports teams are getting it wrong this badly, how do you know you’re not?

• Do better coaches really win more? Phil Jackson versus everyone else

• The “hot hand ” and other figments of the imagination Enduring myths of on-court and on-field performance

• How old is too old? Are teams playing too many athletes who are past their prime?

• Are black quarterbacks underpaid? The curious cases of Donovan McNabb and Brett Favre

Be sure to read more about “Stumbling on Wins” and visit Professor Berri’s “The Wages of Wins” site, as well. Here’s a link to order the book directly from Amazon.

Good luck and Go Nuggets!!

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