What’s the equivalent of NuggLife in Canada? For the Toronto Raptors, it’s something like this:

And then having this happen:

Also, this:

Barring a miracle, the Raptors are going to meet their demise at the hands of LeBron James and the Cavaliers for the third year in a row. And it hasn’t been really close, either. Toronto is 0-9 (!!!) since last winning a playoff game against the Cavs on May 23, 2016. Yeeeesh.

And its not like the Raptors are a bad team, either. They just have the unfortunate circumstance of being in the same conference as one of the two greatest players in basketball history. But LeBron can’t be Toronto’s only problem.

Denver has missed the playoffs for five consecutive years, but in that time Toronto has grown into a regular season powerhouse and a playoff dud. I’m not sure which type of team is worse. The whole point of ending the George Karl era of Denver basketball was to avoid becoming a team that maxes out in the early rounds of the playoffs. Toronto is the epitome of that kind of team.

The Nuggets are taking their sweet time, but I suspect that eventually we will get to see whether or not Denver will actually develop into a team that can make a deep playoff run. Let’s just hope when the time does come (hopefully starting next year) that the Nuggets will be better equipped to take on the postseason.

For now, at least Raptors fans get to watch their stars play at least one more game this year. Even that is better than nothing.