For the rest of the NBA playoffs, the Stiffs will be making game threads for the nightly games so that Stiffs readers have a place to hang out and watch with like-minded fans. Sign up for an account and join the rest of the Stiffs to talk about tonight’s games.

Tonight, the Boston Celtics take their 2-0 lead on the road to take on John Wall and the Washington Wizards. In the second game, JaVale McGee and the Golden State Warriors host future Nugget Joe Ingles and the Utah Jazz. Let’s get to the round table!

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Celtics at Wizards. Who you got?

Adam Mares (@Adam_Mares): I think the Wizards will hold Isaiah Thomas to fewer than 50 points. That should be enough for a Washington win.

Zach Mikash (@ZachMikash): Time to put up or shut up for my surrogate team, I think the Wizards get the win at home.

Ashley Douglas (@AshleyNBAHoops): Boston. Isaiah Thomas is and the Celtics have some great momentum going. Plus I really want to see them win.

Evan Fiala (@eefiala): It’s time for the Wizards to pull a magic bunny out of their hat and get a W.

Gordon Gross (@GMoneyNuggs): It’s Wall Time. Gimme the Wizards.

Jazz at Warriors. Who you got?

Mares: Warriors. By a lot.

Mikash: I believe the Warriors will win this game. You can copy and paste that into every time this question comes up.

Douglas: Warriors unfortunately. Although I’m rooting for the Jazz to win a couple of games.

Fiala: I was going to be brave and put the Jazz down to steal a win in Oakland, but I just saw George Hill will be out. So Warriors.

Gross: The Warriors. Mercy rule after 3 quarters.

Which player playing tonight would you most like to add to the Denver Nuggets roster?

Mares: So many great ones to pick from but I’m going to have to go with Kevin Durant. Nikola Jokic and KD would be unguardable together.

Mikash: Jason Smith! RAMMIES!!!!

Douglas: Isaiah Thomas 100%. Nuggets need serious help in the backcourt.

Fiala: Wait, hold on Ashley – you’d pick Thomas over John Wall for backcourt help? I’d take Draymond.

Gross: Going with Adam’s pick – anybody not taking Durant may be overvaluing certain alma maters or positions over pure, beastly talent.

Make one highly unlikely prediction.

Mares: Isaiah Thomas will be held to fewer than 20 points.

Mikash: Triple double time for John 4 steals.

Douglas: Gordon Hayward will go for 30 points leading the Jazz to a double digit victory over the Warriors.

Fiala: Joe Johnson will hit a buzzer beater to stun Golden State

Gross: Isaiah Thomas (editor’s note: This is all he wrote. Just “Isaiah Thomas.” Bold prediction, Gordon!)

Tonight’s video is a throwback. Highlights from a Celtics-Nuggets game back in 1990.

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