Of the twelve players who have done pre-draft workouts thus far, who can get you at least a little excited?

Zach Mikash (@ZachMikash): Yikes. Well to be perfectly honest, the Denver Nuggets draft workouts have been underwhelming thus far, that’s usually how it goes though when they first start kicking off. So for the sake of the exercise, I’m going with our own DU Pioneer Daniel Amigo. In all likelihood he’s not getting drafted but its always good to see some of the local college products get some burn in the practice gym. We weren’t able to find out if Amigo was in fact Juancho Hernangomez’s long lost Argentinian brother, but can’t win them all I suppose.

Brendan Vogt: Admiral Schofield is an impressive human being. His physique is one that demands your attention. In addition to possibly the strongest name in the draft, Schofield possesses an upper body reminiscent of Paul Millsap’s—barrel chested and impossibly thick. He did well with the media too; he has a large personality and seemed thrilled just to have the opportunity to workout. Schofield doesn’t have an agent, and could very well return to Tennessee for one more season. The chances of him becoming a Nugget are slim. But he left a strong impression and if he continues to improve his three point shooting as he has in each of his college seasons, then he might develop into a useful rotation player one day.

Gordon Gross (@GMoneyNuggs): Admiral Schofield has a good interview presence, an interesting game despite his lack of height for the front court, and should be available where Denver is looking, so I’m not sure why Brendan doesn’t think he can be a Nugget. He’s a work in progress and might be a two-way player option much as Monte Morris was last season, but there’s more there that interests me than any of the other guys Denver has brought in so far.

The draft combine is great for one thing: measurements baby!! What’s the most impressive measurement you’ve seen out of the combine?

Mikash: Melvin Frazier will be a good NBA player, you heard it here first. How do I know? By using Zach Mikash’s patented draft evaluation formula: wing + largest handsize = good NBA player. Previous examples include: O.G. Anunoby, Jerami Grant, Al Farouq-Aminu, Kawhi Leonard and Taurean Prince. Also shout out to Jevon Carter, the point guard with the largest hand measurements. All about the hands baby.

Vogt: This one’s easy. Mo Bamba set a combine record by measuring in with a grotesque and terrifying 7’10 wingspan. That measurement breaks Rudy Gobert’s previously established record of 7’8 and also leaves us wondering if Bamba is actually a human being. That’s some dinosaur ish, man.

Gross: I would have gone with Mo Bamba as well, but Brendan keeps bogarting all my picks. I’ll go with Jaylen Hands, who had the smallest hands at the Combine. If big hands and a large wingspan make for a good NBA player as Zach posits, you’ve gotta be pulling for the guy with tiny hands and an iffy wingspan to find a place in the game.

Conrad Burry leaked details on sportslogos.net regarding a potential typeface change for the Nuggets. He also mocked a new logo for the team, would you be in favor of the Nuggets going in this direction?

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Mikash: I love it. As a 90s kid, if the Nuggets do end up going back to more of the 90s color theme then I will be ecstatic. I also like the pickaxes becoming the primary “piece” of the logo. I was never a fan of the cartoony mountains with “Nuggets” in the front. In fact, I was never a fan of the whole jersey concept they’ve had for the past 15 years. A change will be welcomed if it comes.

Vogt: I love this potential rebrand. Not only do I find the logo and typeface aesthetically pleasing, but the timing of this potential rebrand is clever. Denver’s playoff drought has taken a toll on the fanbase’s enthusiasm and the team is still working to put the Karl/Shaw years behind them. There’s a new core in place and this Jokic-era has a chance to breathe new life into the organization. I’m all for this.

Gross: I like it better than the cartoon mountain with the blimpy lettering. I want to see the full jersey retooling before I get massively on board, but having a logo that doesn’t look drawn for an animated kids show with colors stolen from a college team is a good start. Now let’s see what else they have for us – it’s about time the Nuggets got serious.