Welp. Another year in the lottery, another year of failing to move up in the draft.

Technically it’s not unlucky since the odds favored the Nuggets sticking in their #7 spot but it was still crushing for Nuggets fans that had their hopes on landing one of the heavily hyped players in this year’s draft. Our staff has some quick reactions to the lottery results and their opinions on where the Nuggets should go with the #7 pick.

  1. What one word would you use to describe this year’s NBA lottery results?

Adam Mares (@Adam_Mares): Predictable

Daniel Lewis (@minutemandan): Disappointing.

Tim D'Elia (@tdelia96): Unsurprising

Gordon Gross (@GMoneyNuggs): Fate

Jeff Morton (@KingOfThornton): Typical

2. If you had to decide right now who the Nuggets take with their top pick, who would it be?

Adam: If Buddy is available you go with Buddy. He has a bit of star power so he helps get people back in Pepsi Center and he fills the need for more shooting.

Lewis: Right now, they should take either Buddy Hield or Jamal Murray if they are available. If not, they have to take the upside pick and go with Jaylen Brown.

D'Elia: I like Jamal Murray but I'm not sure if he falls to pick 7, then most likely they go for Buddy Hield.

Gross: I don't think Hield or Murray will be there (I would take either if they were – and I said that about Mudiay last year too so maybe we'll get lucky again). Out of the remnants, I don't trust Jaylen Brown so I probably take Ellenson if we can't work a trade to improve our situation. I'd be working those phone lines though.

3. Now that the draft order is set, should the Nuggets be looking to trade their pick(s) or stay where they are?

Adam: I still would love to see them trade the pick if they can get up to #2 and if #2 is Brandon Ingram. I’d do almost anything to get that pick and the Lakers might be willing to make a deal but chances are that the Nuggets will be stuck at 7. Let’s hope Tim Connelly and company can find another steal.

Lewis: They should be looking to move. They could talk with Minnesota about moving up to 5, or be the third team in another move. Staying where they are is not enviable.

D’Elia: I think they should be looking to trade up the draft, the Nuggets have 3 picks in the top 20 or other players they can throw in to make a deal that lands them a better draft pick. I think it would be a better move to package up the 3 picks and try to get a top 3 pick mainly targeting the Boston Celtics who could be open to trade down. In my opinion the Nuggets need one top-end player over 3 players in this weaker draft.

Gross: I agree with Dan, I'd be looking at trading with Minnesota to get up to Buddy Hield-range. If not, we're left hoping that the right guy falls out of the top-6 and into our laps. It worked with Mudiay, but I don't know that I trust that luck twice in a row. Connelly has work to do now.

Morton: I'm thinking they will try like hell to move the pick. There's little to no excitement that comes with the 7th pick. However if they decide to keep the pick I can see them taking Timothe Luwawu, or maybe Buddy Heild if he is available. However they should look to move it.

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