What are your thoughts on Juancho Hernangomez’s play in EuroBasket this summer?

Gordon Gross (@GMoneyNuggs): I thought he played well. He showed off his cutting prowess, his sneaky rebounding skills, athleticism and blocks. His shot wasn’t always on, but it almost always looked pretty, and he was a key cog for the Spanish team. I thought he looked a little better as a power forward when Pau sat out earlier in the tournament, but he didn’t embarrass himself defending Doncic in Spain’s tourney loss either. Juancho looks ready for his expected role with Denver, and that’s all I can ask.

Zach Mikash (@ZachMikash): I’m pretty pleased with the way Juancho played. More than noticing any particular aspect in his game, what I noticed the most is on one of the best European teams there is he looked like he belonged. I think that will do wonders for his confidence and aggressiveness. Instead of having a sophomore slump, Juancho very well may be a sophomore surprise.

Jeremy Poley (@JeremyPoley): It was nothing huge, but its worth mentioning.  His points per 36 were up from 13 to almost 16.  His three-point shot seemed a little off, but the Mudiay-alert wasn’t sounding.  He looks a little bit stronger, but maybe I'm confusing that with him playing more aggressively.  On the Nuggets he could seem conservative or unsure and then occasionally flash some aggressiveness on defense.  In Eurobasket he seemed more tuned in.  He was crashing the boards stronger and almost tripling his blocks from his NBA season.  Maybe he really is a power forward?

Evan Fiala (@eefiala): He looked good but more importantly he gained valuable experience as a contributing member of a successful team. It would have been awesome for Spain to make it to the finals, but overall I think it was nothing but beneficial for Juancho and for his future role in Denver. And he made it out healthy.

Give a one or two word reaction to the leaked “Statement” jersey.

Gross: Ugggghhh…

Mikash: Hard pass

Poley: Gosling cereal.

Fiala: No thanks.

Do you agree with where ESPN/Sports Illustrated had the Nuggets players ranked?

Gross: They were pretty fair as far as the Nuggets were concerned. SI bought in much more on Gary Harris’s upside with their #57 ranking, as opposed to the #90 ranking from ESPN, but I can see both sides of that and ranking Harris in the top-100 regardless is reasonable. Millsap and Jokic were both fairly treated by those rankings, with Jokic getting aggressively placed at #16 by ESPN. Rankings don’t matter except as a measure of offseason respect (or disrespect, which is why Melo was so mad about his own placement and Millsap took issue with his @slamonline ranking) but taking that into account, it’s good to see Denver getting some league-wide props. Now go out and live up to them!

Mikash: Nothing struck me as egregious. I thought ESPN was a little low on Harris but probably not by a ton. Randomly pulling numbers out of the air it feels like Harris should be around 75. I won’t be losing sleep over it though.

Poley: I’m actually pretty pleased with the Nuggets' general placements.  When you get out the fine-toothed comb and look at who they're placed around you want to nudge their rankings a little bit.  But we're not at the "knock the jenga tower over in rage" moment that we all secretly cherish.  They have Jokic as the caboose on the KAT and Gobert train, but it will make it more fun to watch him steal the spotlight from them this season.  At least we get to thumb our noses at Porzingis lovers.

Fiala: I’m not super into the rankings thing, but I think it’s great to see some of the Nuggets get more recognition. I don’t think I would put Joker as high as 16 just yet, but it’s not out of reach for him. The gap on Harris seems questionable but it’s okay.

What has been your favorite Nuggets-related storyline to follow this summer?

Gross: Jokic’s workouts in Serbia. They were hilarious and yet still productive, and if he had to take the summer off to get his body in shape for the season by missing Eurobasket, at least it looks to have been worth it. Adding Millsap didn’t suck either.

Mikash: Even though I’m not a fan of these yellow jerseys, the jersey releases in general are probably my favorite thing. Its certainly been a roller coaster ride but I hated the powder blue and I’m glad they are going back to navy. None of the jerseys blow me away but with one still yet to be unveiled this is a story thet keeps providing intrigue. I’m hoping for a really cool design on the last one, I need a Jamal Murray jersey to add to my collection.

Poley: Millsap saved everything.  Let's go back to the week after the draft – remember how you and every other Nuggets fan felt?  It was a dark place – you're cold, and scared.  There's vague echoes all around, the sound of a leaky faucet somewhere, and babies in Trail Blazers jerseys crawling on the ceiling.  Then Millsap flew in on one of Khaleesi's dragons and reigned down fire on all of the baby-terrors and we knew victory was ours!

Fiala: It’s been a fun but long offseason. My favorite has been stalking Steve Hess and co. for updates on Jokic, both his workouts and seeing his hatted horse. The two or so days anticipation of when we all knew Millsap was going to sign but it still wasn’t official was pretty crazy too, and so much fun when it was finally official.