Whether you're anxious to get away from the family, don't have holiday plans or just want to hang out with your fellow Stiffs, we're excited to announce our 11th Stiffs Night Out on Saturday, December 28th as the Nuggets take on the Grizzlies in Memphis at 6pm mountain time.

As always, our host will be Jake's Food & Spirits and food and drink specials will be announced beforehand. Also, we'll be giving away an AUTOGRAPHED TY LAWSON JERSEY for those who attend and/or participate in our Nuggets uniform contest (kicking off on Sunday).

We're long overdue for having a Stiffs Night Out, with our most recent one taking place during Game 6 of the Nuggets/Warriors playoff series last spring. Hopefully the Stiffs Karma will deliver a much-needed victory against the Grizzlies on the 28th!

Here's a rundown on how our Nuggets have performed during previous SNO's:

Date Nuggets vs Opponent W/L Overtime Record
2/5/10 Nuggets 126 at Lakers 113 W 1-0
11/6/10 Nuggets 103 at Mavericks 92 W 2-0
2/25/11 Nuggets 106 at Blazers 107 L Overtime 2-1
4/27/11 Nuggets 97 at Thunder 103 L 2-2
1/21/12 Nuggets 119 at Knicks 114 W Double OT 3-2
5/8/12 Nuggets 102 at Lakers 99 W 4-2
11/3/12 Nuggets 116 at Heat 119 L 4-3
12/9/12 Nuggets 106 at Knicks 112 L 4-4
3/19/13 Nuggets 114 at Thunder 104 W 5-4
5/2/13 Nuggets 88 at Warriors 92 W 5-5

Please RSVP in the comments here or on our Facebook event page. See you all next Saturday!