The Denver Nuggets are riding high on a three game winning streak and have won seven of their last eight games. Still, there are questions to be answered, and you the readers brought the heat in this week's edition of the Stiffs Mailbag.

Malik Beasley is not currently in the Nuggets rotation and it might be hard for him to crack the lineup anytime soon. Beasley has not appeared in a game since his seven minute stint against the Grizzlies last Sunday. Those minutes came in garbage time for Beasley as Denver had their victory over Memphis well at hand once he entered the game.

While we are on the topic of the Grizzlies, why not Andre Iguodala as a possible trade candidate? Iguodala would give the Nuggets another forward that can play really good defense and make open shots. In that situation though, the Nuggets would be acquiring a player at a position where they already have enough issues finding minutes.

Acquiring Iguodala would likely spell minutes for Michael Porter Jr, Torrey Craig, or Juancho Hernangomez, which is something that should not appeal to Denver. The Nuggets would also have to trade a first round pick, which is not something I can see them doing.

There are plenty of landing spots where the Nuggets could send Beasley, but their best option may be keeping him on the roster. A time is going to come where the Nuggets are going to need Beasley, whether due to injury or just earning his spot back in the rotation.

I would definitely say that Nikola Jokic is out of his funk. Jokic has been playing some phenomenal basketball over the past few weeks, and Wednesday night’s performance against Houston was stellar. Not only was Jokic fully engaged with his shot, but he anchored the Nuggets defensive performance in the post.

A fully engaged Jokic is great news for the Nuggets and terrible news for Denver’s opponents. Michael Malone described Jokic’s 27-point outing against the Rockets as “quiet” and I would agree. Jokic did not do anything flashy, but he was aggressive and opportunistic when he had the chance.

If that was a “quiet” game from Jokic, just imagine what he can do on a night when he is making some noise. The past two weeks are hopefully a sign of things to come for the Nuggets big man as he looks primed to take off and continue leading this Nuggets team to victories.

Great question, and it is one I am really excited to answer.

Juancho Hernangomez.

Hernangomez was the subject of my column this week and I truly think he is helping the Nuggets in more ways than one. To start the season out, Hernangomez won the best teammate award as he was making his present felt on the bench and in the locker room.

Now, Hernangomez is contributing on the court and it has allowed the bench unit to thrive. The Nuggets are 3-0 in games where he has been truly part of the rotation, and there’s a reason for that.

The constant energy and hustle that Hernangomez plays with is infectious, and the rest of Denver’s bench feeds off it. Whether it is an offensive rebound that leads to second chance points or just drawing a simple foul, Hernangomez is constantly doing the little things this Nuggets team needs to be successful.

It was a great sign to see Hernangomez knock down an open three-pointer against the Rockets and that has been a huge part in his early season success. He is currently 6-of-14 from distance on the year, which is a tremendous compliment to what he brings to the Nuggets on defense and in the rebounding department.

If Hernangomez can continue to score the ball effectively and bring energy, he is going to continue to be this teams x-factor. There is no doubt he has earned his spot in the rotation moving forward. Now, he just has to build on that and keep stacking great games, one on top of the other.

I had to do some digging and research on this one, but another fantastic question.

My conclusion: Nikola Jokic is none other than a 2020 Land Cruiser. Just read this description via the Toyota website:

“The 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser has earned a loyal following from around the world. The product of over 60 years of global adventures, it’s a sophisticated blend of off-road prowess, 55 on-road comfort and unparalleled refinement. It also offers seating for up to eight passengers; after all, adventures are best shared. And paying homage to the legends that came before is Land Cruiser Heritage Edition. As the latest extension of the iconic badge, it celebrates where it’s been and is ready for what’s next.

Jokic is the definition of all things in bold. Seating up to eight passengers? Jokic can take care of that as he dishes and dimes to every player he comes in contact with on the floor. Iconic badge that is ready for what’s next? Jokic. Not to the mention, the land cruiser is one of the most expensive cars on the lot and Jokic is worth a ton to this roster.

What do you think Nuggets fans? Which type of Toyota or any car for that matter is Jokic?