The Denver Nuggets have won four-straight games and will look to close their five game home stand a perfect 5-0 tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight.

Before that can happen, we have to dive into this weeks edition of the Stiffs mailbag in which you guys brought the heat with some solid questions. With the news coming out earlier this week that Jrue Holiday is available for trade, I’ll answer whether or not he would be a solid addition for the Nuggets along with answering some other questions.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Tim Connelly should absolutely be going after Holiday or at the very least calling and asking what the price is. It is tough to find a better player to add to this Nuggets roster than Holiday and he could be the acquisition that puts this team over the top.

It is tough to see the roster Denver currently has in place as the one they chase a championship with, which is why I think adding Holiday is a no brainer. What a trade might look like to acquire him would probably include a few players and draft picks.

Any trade for Holiday might have to include Gary Harris, which is a tough player for the Nuggets to part with. Not only is Harris the Nuggets longest tenured player, but he has been a focal point in the franchises turnaround.

What Holiday could give the Nuggets is worth the risk though as he is not just a gifted scorer, but a tremendous defender as well. Acquiring Holiday would give this Nuggets offense another dimension, while also providing them another lockdown defender.

Nikola Jokic is definitely back to normal and he is putting together a dominating December to prove it. In the month of December, Jokic is averaging a team-high 19.9 points per game and is shooting 52.2 percent from the field and 34.2 percent from beyond the arc.

Jokic is also averaging team-highs in rebounds (9.7) and assists (8.0) in December, so yeah I would safe to say he is back. Not only is Jokic asserting himself on the offensive end of the floor again, but he is still playing that team friendly style of basketball we all love to see.

Honestly, it goes hand in hand with the first question answered and that is finding a way to acquire Jrue Holiday. I truly think Holiday could take this team to the next level and would explore all avenues in trying to acquire him.

If the Nuggets could find a way to not just acquire Holiday, but JJ Redick is well, I think this team immediately becomes the frontrunner to come out of the Western Conference this season. I definitely think the Nuggets have to make a move to get their squad over the hump and this is the type of deal that could do it.