On a day that is filled with shopping and stiff arms in order to get that new TV you have always wanted, why not add a little Denver Nuggets talk to the mix?

Here is to hoping every single one of you had a Happy Thanksgiving and now it is time to get to discuss this Nuggets team. Denver is currently riding a six game win streak and have won 10 of their last 11 games overall, pretty good right?

Time to get to the real hard hitting questions, which you guys brought to the table in this week’s edition of the Stiffs Mailbag!

There is a real solid chance that when the Nuggets and Lakers matchup next Tuesday night, they are going to be first and second place in the Western Conference. It will be a measuring stick game for both teams, with the Nuggets having the opportunity to prove they are the best team in the Western Conference, right now.

It is tough to learn a lot from just one game, but this might one is a little different. It will be the Nuggets first opportunity to face Anthony Davis in a Lakers uniform and it will be intriguing on how they plan to stop him.

The Nuggets have shown their ability to put together a solid game plan defensively this season, which they will undoubtedly have to execute in order to stop Davis and LeBron James. I expect we will find out just how good this Nuggets defense is in the Lakers game and whether or not Denver’s offense is ready to rise to the occasion.

I don’t really see that and I think Nikola Jokic has really cranked it up the last couple of weeks. Jokic did not have the best start to the season, but he has played well lately and wins are accumulating because of it. During the Nuggets six game win streak, Jokic is averaging 14.7 points, 12.7 rebounds (team high) and 5.8 assists (team high) per game.

Sure, the scoring numbers are not quite where you want them to be, but Jokic is still leading the Nuggets in rebounding and assists on the season. The funny thing with Jokic is it might look like he is being contained, but you look at the box score and he has 20 rebounds. It also helps that the rest of the starting lineup continues to excel scoring around Jokic.

Those quiet type of performances are something Jokic has done his entire career and they are just happening more often this season. It is not a bad thing and Jokic is still one of the most dominant players on the floor whenever he is out there.

Great question, J-Knapp. I think that is definitely a possibility and is something the Nuggets should look into moving forward. The issue — and it is tough to really call it an issue — is the Nuggets have such great depth and players often get left on the bench because of it.

We have already seen games this season where Malik Beasley is out of the rotation one night and back in it the next night. The same thing can be said for guys like Torrey Craig, Juancho Hernangomez, and Michael Porter Jr.

The Nuggets just don't have enough playing time to go around, which could force them to make their rotations a little deeper. Back-to-backs and long road trips would be a great time to do it in order to buy guys much needed rest, which they will need come playoff time.

I don’t think that Giannis is leaving the Milwaukee Bucks anytime soon and I can’t see a world in which he is playing for the Nuggets. What is the maximum I'd offer for him? Pretty much everyone on the team would be available except for Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.