The Denver Nuggets have put together an up and down week, which has provided more questions than answers surrounding this team. Not only did the Nuggets lose to the worst team in the NBA at home on Tuesday night, but they proceeded to almost lose to another terrible team in the Charlotte Hornets last night.

A constant theme in the Nuggets losses has been a lack of shooting from beyond the arc, which has showed up when they face teams that well, do the exact opposite. If the Nuggets are playing a run and gun team, there is less margin for error, especially if the opposing team is making shots.

As the Nuggets embark on what hopes to be a lengthy playoff run, there are still a number of questions to be answered. Thanks to everyone who asked questions — or question — in this weeks mailbag, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

I think it is hard to judge someone on their lack of emotion when we have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Nikola Jokic might not be the most emotional player, but we have seen emotion at times the season.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is Jokic talking more in the huddles, which is something players were raving about in the locker room over a month ago. Jokic knows he is the best player on this team and with that comes more responsibility, which is a role he is still trying to grow into.

Jokic is also more of a “lead by example” type of player as opposed to a Will Barton III, who has no problem speaking up in the locker room. Both can be effective methods of leadership and the key is Jokic is still working to become that more exuberant, vocal leader.

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That was all the questions we had this week. If you guys have anymore questions, leave them in the comments section below and I will answer as many as I can!