Heading into the free agency frenzy, let's size up the NBA's biggest Stiffs …

Houston Rockets
By giving Omer Asik $8 million per season for his 2.9 ppg and 4.4 rpg of production to date, the Rockets artificially raised the price on all free agent NBA centers.

Portland Trail Blazers
Ditto the Trail Blazers, who offered All-Star center Roy Hibbert a maximum contract. Thanks to Houston and Portland, Denver will probably have to overpay to keep free agent center JaVale McGee.

David Kahn
The Timberwolves‘ GM gave up the 18th overall pick in the draft in a trade for Chase Budinger. Maybe Budinger will be traded to the Lakers for Pau Gasol so that the Lakers can continue their recently policy of having as many white guys on the roster as possible.

Staying in college
Jared Sullinger and Perry Jones were sure-fire lottery picks … last year. By staying in school an extra year, they dropped to 21st and 28th overall, respectively, and cost themselves millions of dollars in guaranteed money.

Amar’e Stoudemire
Tweets a gay slur to a fan and is forced to apologize. Oh, and he has to play alongside Carmelo “my title is coming” Anthony for at least another season.