Metta World Peace
Metta resorted back to Ron Ron last Sunday by clubbing James Harden with an “inadvertent celebratory elbow”, landing him a 7-game suspension. Apparently, changing his name didn’t prevent NBA commissioner David Stern from overlooking Metta’s past behavior problems.

Charlotte Bobcats
The ‘Cats are on the verge of securing the worst winning percentage in NBA history. Given that the guy who runs the team – Michael Jordan – had previously drafted Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, should this really be a shock?

Oklahoma City Thunder
The team that was supposedly built to overcome the lockout-shortened season managed to lose 7 of its last 14 games, ceding the Western Conference’s 1-seed to the Spurs in the process. Their reward might be a first round matchup with defending champion Dallas.

Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher
With report after report coming out about NBPA union head Hunter’s shady, nepotistic dealings and questions arising about Fisher’s own role in dealing with NBA owners behind Hunter’s back during the lockout, this off-the-court scandal could prove to be more exciting than the playoffs themselves!

Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns
The Suns are on this list for squandering the last few great seasons from Nash. Nash is on this list for his stupidly stubborn loyalty to a franchise as awful as the Suns.