Washington Wizards: signing league’s worst Mohawk

The Wizards have agreed to terms with Martell Webster. One can only hope he has gotten rid of his atrocious Mohawk that he wore last season with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Injuries in the NBA
With such a promising season on the horizon, it’d be a shame to lose more key players. Dwight Howard isn’t expected to be ready to go until either December or January, Blake Griffin is coming off knee surgery, Derrick Rose won’t be in a Bulls uniform for a while, and now Chris Paul has undergone thumb surgery. He will be ready for the start of the season, but it’s no fun when key players go down to the injury bug.

The LeBron X shoe
Reports last week had the shoe being priced at $315 and now it is being reported that the shoe will likely only be $290. Are you kidding me? Feel bad for the parents out there.

Kansas City Royals
Things are so bad in K.C. that a group of fans spent $5,100 to tell the owner, David Glass, that his time as owner should come to an end. Pretty good letter and a fun read to see what some fans did to express their opinion.

If someone remakes “Space Jam” …
With LeBron James Tweeting out that he’d like to do Space Jam 2, I’m sure some idiot in Hollywood will try to make this happen. This should not happen. End of discussion, I think.