Last Two Minute Reports

I was a bit of a hold out on the last two minute reports, but after a full season of considering the issue I tend to agree that they are totally pointless. Recently the league sent out a L2MR on the Denver Nuggets vs New Orleans Pelicans game that took place on Tuesday and noted that Danilo Gallinari should have been called for an 8 second violation. Gallo of course was not and the Nuggets got a key bucket late in the game on that possession. So who wins here? The refs get put on blast, the Pelicans still take the L and the Nuggets have their win cheapened. Seriously the only thing these reports do is piss everyone off while the league masquerades them around like some great achievement in transparency. Maybe they should focus on not having the worst officiating of all the professional sports leagues instead, just a thought.

Dennis Rodman

So Rodman is the latest get off my lawn NBA player from the 90s. In an interview with Bill Reitier, Rodman complained about players today resting (while also making several other idiotic comments) and essentially said LeBron James resting shows he’s not as good as Michael Jordan. Now, I’m firmly in the Jordan is better than LeBron camp (6 finals appearances, 6 rings, 6 Finals MVPS…scoreboard) but the idea that LeBron is somehow less of a player because he takes rest games is just dumb. First of all, that’s the exact old school mentality that ignores everything we’ve learned in the past twenty years about player health and safety, and second of all, the argument doesn’t hold water when you consider JORDAN RESTED FOR A YEAR AND HALF WHILE HE WENT AND PLAYED MINOR LEAGUE BASEBALL!!! Do us a favor Dennis and stop talking complete nonsense….wait that’s pretty much been your shtick for 30 years, my bad.

New York City

This one almost went unnoticed but did you see the settlement Thabo Sefolosha got for the NYPD breaking his leg? $4 million. I have no comment on the incident itself, and I understand that Sefolosha has an abnormally high earning potential which is what drives that number, but here’s the problem: people have been paid equal or less by the city for wrongful death lawsuits. So, while Sefolosha’s earning potential was impacted and I get that, someone is going to have to explain to me how an NBA player gets more in his lawsuit over a broken leg than a family of a person who died because that gun the police thought the person was carrying was actually just their wallet.

Kevin Love’s face

Normally we don’t like to add insult to injury, but here on the Stiff List its something we might do. No reason for Love to find himself here this week other than he took a shot right to the face in warm ups and I found it amusing. Give credit to him though, he made light of the situation almost immediately after it happened.

Amy on Jeopardy

Jeopardy contestants are pretty smart. They definitely have more information locked away in their brain than I ever could, but time and again the sports category just destroys everyone. Recent contestant Amy got every Jeopardier’s worst nightmare: a sports question for Final Jeopardy, and she bombed horribly. The particularly baffling part is Amy’s answer doesn’t make any sense. The clue was “this mascot peaked around 75 million years ago” to which Amy responded “what is a timberwolf?”…Not a natural history buff either are ya Amy? I’d like to think that it was simply a moment where Amy had no idea what mascot could be the answer and guessed rather than believing wolves date back 75 million years, which they of course do not.