Officials at the Nuggets vs. Timberwolves game: In a short time frame the Nuggets went from up 9 points, to trailing by 3 points largely due to strange and downright erroneous calls from officials. Included in their greatest hits? Corey Brewer getting blocked out into the first row and somehow getting a foul called on him. Andre Miller being ejected for arguing a call where he was pummeled by Martell Webster and drew an offensive foul. Also, Luke Ridnour falling on his face and somehow drawing a foul. Nice going refs.

George Karl’s end of game coaching: In a very winnable game against the Thunder, your coach of the Nuggets decided to burn his two oldest players (Al Harrington and Andre Miller) from the 8 minute mark of the third quarter, through the end of the game. Leaving them dead legged for overtime. Also, not subbing in defensive rebounders for Durant’s last couple shots of regulation was a bit of a blunder. Gotta get better coach!

Royce Young: Reading this article on makes me wonder if good old Royce is secretly a Thunder fan … oh wait. He also writes for Daily Thunder, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s biggest blog. Go figure!! Listen Royce, dismissing that the Nuggets were down their two best players, and then using this game to prove a point about the Nuggets is a bit … I dunno … “salty”. Don’t you agree?

The “injured ankle leprechaun”: What is the appropriate sacrifice we need to beseech this malevolent leprechaun who has cursed the Nuggets. Ty Lawson and Arron Afflalo both injured their ankles on Monday night. In addition to Danilo Gallinari being out with a severe ankle sprain and Timofey Mozgov just coming back from one himself. Listen, if you need me to get a goat I will.

The month of February: Seriously? Can we be done with this month already? Time for March. Green beer and an incredibly easy Nuggets schedule. Can’t get here soon enough.