Colorado Buffaloes Football: Guys, you are KILLING me here. How do you lose to Sacramento State … AT HOME? As a long time Buffs fan, watching the wreckage of this program since 2005 has been painful beyond belief. At least we have a good basketball program to watch now (who would have thought?).

The NFL and the referees union: By and large I come down on the side of the ref’s union in this, but both sides are to blame for the horrific refereeing we are seeing in the NFL right now. It’s only a matter of time before some scared and intimidated replacement ref get’s bullied into reversing a call that changes the course of a game. Then, we as occasional viewers of the NFL (I’d classify myself as a very passive fan) will be inundated with the hue and cry of the NFL’s lackeys on ESPN about the quality of the game. Please end this now!

James Dolan: Somewhere in New York Knicks owner James Dolan’s logic-impaired brain, Isiah Thomas is the greatest decision-maker and General Manager in the history of anything ever. This is the same kind of brain that forces his previous GM (Donnie Walsh) into basically gutting his team to get Carmelo Anthony (Melo being the only player left on the Knicks roster from the original trade). Now he want’s Zeke back. Dolan should see a doctor.

Roger Goodell’s authority: There are those who enjoy the iron fist of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. I happen to think there was bound to be a moment in time when his authority came into check. One such moment happened last week when an appeals panel vacated his suspension of four NFL players (former and current New Orleans Saints players from Bountygate). While Goodell can re-suspend these players, it’s important to note that this is the first time Goodell’s authority has been checked. Look for more instances of this to occur in the future, as now a crack has been shown to be exposed in the Commissioner’s rule.

Maryland State Representative Emmett C. Burns Jr.: All I will say about this issue is what makes Rep. Burns a Stiff is what makes Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe the most awesome person on the planet.