Dwyane Wade: After his hard foul during the All-Star game on Kobe Bryant, Wade is now apologizing for breaking Bryant’s nose and giving him a mild concussion. So much for a nasty blood-rivalry. The two teams face each other this weekend and I guess playing nice is the order of the day and we wont get to see some good old retaliation.

The Dunk Contest: My favorite event from All-Star weekend has always been the three-point shootout and it continues to be the best event, in my opinion. Asked my co-host, Ross Martin, about who was in the dunk contest on our podcast last night and he, the ultimate casual fan, couldn’t name a single participant. The NBA is not doing such a good job with the events if the casual fans are not tuning in! I’m still for each player putting up prize money and the winner taking all … imagine Jeremy Evans beating out LeBron James and more for an $8 million purse!

New Orleans Saints: The franchise that went from laughing-stock to Super Bowl winner has Drew Brees to thank. What do they do? They allow their franchise player’s contract to run out and are “remain a ways apart” on a new deal. Brees signed with the Saints over the Miami Dolphins, back in 2006, transformed the offense and the team into a powerhouse and loves the city of New Orleans. How are they not handing him a blank check? Oh yeah, it’s the Saints.

Ray Felton: Guy couldn’t wait to get out of Denver to be a starter again. What does he do? Get traded to an ideal situation in Portland, where they needed a point guard and have an excellent fan-base, and goes out and puts up career low numbers in field goal percentage, three-point percentage, and points per game. Oh, and he has been benched in favor of shooting guard Jamal Crawford. Thanks for netting the Nuggets Andre Miller and Jordan Hamilton!

Katherine Chez-Malkin of Baird & Warner Real Estate: They listed Michael Jordan’s former residence today (Feb. 29th) for $29 million. Sure, it’s 56,000 square feet, has a three bedroom guesthouse, pool, and an outdoor tennis court, but there’s no way they get the asking price (Realtor talk!). Maybe Wilson Chandler can buy it after he inks his new NBA contract this season or over the summer?