If you live (or have lived) in Colorado, you probably know the saying, “If you don’t like the weather, stick around.” Looking at the high today (Friday), I broke out a Spring outfit and stepped out to tackle another day in the office. Four hours later, I was struggling to open my car door due to the high winds and a flash rain storm that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Granted, we’ve had a pretty mild winter so far this year, but by the time Spring rolls around everyone is usually beyond ready for some warmer weather. A long winter can put everyone on edge, and when mother nature plays tricks on us the way she has in recent weeks, it starts to get a little old. One day we can get by without a jacket, and the next we’re scraping ice and snow off our cars to get around town.

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Allergies run amok, and the high winds have everyone sneezing and coughing like it’s flu season all over again. Just when you think you can start moving some of your winter clothes into your storage closet, a massive Spring show shower hits and you’re left with one confused mess of a wardrobe, and (if you’re like me) a pile of clothes on the bedroom chair that you told yourself you’d never pile clothes on.

The ups and downs coming out of winter are frustrating, and sometimes I think I may just move out of Colorado so I don’t have to put up with it anymore. But then, a perfect sunrise shining on Pikes Peak as it towers over the city of Colorado Springs makes me fall in love with our amazing state all over again.

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In a way, the sputtering weather patterns we are going through right now mirror what we’re seeing with the Denver Nuggets. It’s been a very long winter as a Nuggets fan, and bouts of success followed by bouts of inconsistency are frustrating to say the very least.

Watching our guys beat the league’s best teams who are playing their best ball encourages us to take off our winter coats believing that things have heated up enough to get comfortable. Then watching them turn around and help an opponent break a 19 game losing streak sends our hopes back to sub-zero.

The blowout win over Chicago this week reminds me of why I love Nuggets basketball, but I can’t wait to be rid of the inconsistency. I remain cautiously optimistic, but the Nuggets are (yet again) cutting it way too close to the wire for my comfort zone.

I have a long list of critiques and praises for the Nuggets this season, and I will keep those close to the vest pending the outcome of the final games of the season when I can go into depth on a post mortem. However, one thing is for certain. It’s high time for some consistently warmer weather in the Mile High City to keep my playoff hopes from freezing over.