The Nuggets found there way into a national article again. This time it’s Sports Illustrated writer Rob Mahoney doing an in-depth look at Gary Harris and how his unique style of play and fit with Denver’s roster make him an ideal component of the Nuggets rebuild. From the article:

Harris is more versatile than flexible—best suited for a particular kind of role, though able to navigate within that role in a way that gives Denver options over the course of a given possession. It's worth noting, too, that the way Harris operates is especially helpful to a franchise investing its developmental capital between a handful of young prospects.

It's nice to see the Nuggets finally getting some love and even a tiny share of the spotlight. Check out the whole article right here, it's well worth the read. It seems that the cat is definitely starting to get out of the bag that the Nuggets have a promising young core and are on the rise in the NBA.