The Nuggets, officially have no healthy point guard on the roster, as a source close to former Denver Post Nuggets beat writer and current Yahoo Sports basketball writer Marc Spears … Andre Miller has “no interest” in coming back to the Denver Nuggets in any way, shape, or form.

How is this for a definitive quote:

The Nuggets were reportedly attempting to bring back the veteran but the relationship is beyond repair, according to the source.

"The vibe is delusional," the source said. "It's a burned bridge. No reconciliation. He's waiting by the door with his bag already packed. The relationship is irreparable. Under no circumstances does he want to come back to Denver.

Door slammed shut.

Not only that, it says Brian Shaw has no interest in coaching Andre Miller. It leads one to ask, how childish can two people get. Shaw is supposed to be a coach and above petty squabbles and Andre Miller is supposed to be the “seen it all” veteran who provides leadership. Clearly both are beyond that.

What does that say for the future of this Nuggets team?