So, you clicked on this article for whatever reason and are curious what you should do to cope with the fact that your favorite (or second, third, or fourth favorite) team hitting a bit of a skid. Well, luckily for you, I am a Miami Dolphins fan so I know a thing or two about dealing with mediocre teams. They’ve floated around .500 for my entire life. They’ve had blips of success and failure in my life, but never for extended periods of time. It’s an almost melancholic feeling supporting them season in and season out. This season for the Nuggets has almost felt the same in a way. There’s been ups, there’s been downs, but overall they’ve just been hovering around .500 all season. There have been injuries as well which make this whole season feel relatively bleak. Especially coming off of 3 straight seasons of being a top 3 seed in the west, and it feels like a setback of a season. It feels like the Nuggets are meandering through no man’s land, but here are a few tips to help you through these incredibly difficult times.

It could always be worse!

The first tip I’d recommend is looking at the company that the Nuggets don’t see themselves with. The Nuggets are still a playoff team, and still have Nikola Jokic on their roster. It could be a lot worse than what it is right now — the Nuggets could be the Kings! They haven’t made the playoffs since before the iPhone was invented. Like man, that must be miserable so to any Kings fans; I’m sorry you have to deal with that franchise.

The Nuggets are still in contention to make the playoffs outright and if the season ended today, they would be an outright playoff team. It isn’t the worst fate. Especially if you look at say the Portland Trailblazers; they have just kind of sucked this season and the Nuggets haven’t outright sucked. It hasn’t been great, but hey — it could always be worse!

Look towards the future

When someone is a Dolphins fan; 95% of the time you are just looking towards the future and hoping for better vibes. This is a strategy you can adopt as a Nuggets fan as well! Simply realize that Jamal Murray is coming back at some point this year and that the Nuggets probably will hover around .500 until then, and hopefully when that happens they can make a run.

Also realize that Tim Connelly is very good at drafting, and that the Nuggets have a couple of draft picks in this upcoming draft. It’s a relatively weak class, but there are still good players within it and Tim tends to find good value at whatever pick he has. Not to mention that Michael Porter Jr will be back next season, and that the Nuggets may be primed for a run next season if everything goes well with his rehab. There are a lot of bright spots when you look at the future of the Denver Nuggets, and Nikola Jokic to enjoy for the now.

With those couple of tips I hope it gives you more of a grasp on your sanity for this season. It’s important to remember that in the grand scheme of things, there will be down seasons and tough times. If this is the worst it’ll get, hey at least you’re not a Kings fan!