According to Mike Singer of the Denver Post, the Bol Bol trade to the Detroit Pistons has been voided.

The story was later confirmed by both ESPN and The Athletic, including that the Denver Nuggets were shocked to hear about the failure to meet the Detroit Pistons’ physical requirements.

After the trade was executed earlier this week, it seemed like both the Nuggets and Bol received a clean breakup. The Nuggets were able to move on with pieces that better helped the direction of their team in 6’4” guard Rodney McGruder and a second round pick, while Bol would have an opportunity to play for a team in Detroit that would offer him consistent playing time. The 9-31 Pistons aren’t playing for their win-loss record this year and are focused on developing young players around first overall pick Cade Cunningham, so Bol felt like a natural fit.

Unfortunately, the Pistons saw something in Bol’s physical that they didn’t like and decided that it was enough to void the entire deal multiple days after the fact, which is significantly more painful for the Nuggets. James Ennis was just brought in on a 10-day hardship exception and is wearing Bol’s old number, #10. The Nuggets were already looking to move on, had wished Bol well in his career going forward, and were completely blindsided by Detroit’s retraction.