Place your thoughts on Commissioner Adam Silver’s press conference about the Los Angeles Clippers and Donald Sterling right here. This is a big moment in NBA history. Lets see how the new Commissioner handles it.

Updated by Nate Timmons:

Adam Silver has banned Donald Sterling for life (he cannot attend games, practices or other Clipper/NBA events), fined him $2.5 million (the maximum allowed), and will urge the NBA owners to force Sterling to sell the team. This is big news and shows that the new commish isn't messing around. There were reports that the Clippers owner would be fined around $1 million and suspended indefinitely … the punishment wound up being much more severe and in this writer's view: deserving.

This is a big step for the NBA and a solid showing from the new commish. What are your thoughts on the punishment handed out today? Good? Fair? This is a pretty historic day for the league and we'll see how it plays out.