According to Chris Dempsey from the Denver Post, Brian Shaw says that the team still anticipates Ty Lawson’s return to the lineup sometime this season.

According to Dempsey

Ty Lawson hasn’t played in eight games and isn’t returning to action Saturday night at Portland. When he’s able to return from a fractured rib remains a question mark. But one thing’s for certain, the Nuggets don’t plan to shut him down.

“No, I don’t think so,” coach Brian Shaw said Friday. “I think that you still want him to get back and play.”

Lawson continues to improve but is experiencing enough pain that it’s preventing a return. Shaw has said he wants his point guard 100 percent healthy before he returns to the court.

I wouldn’t read a tremendous amount into any pronouncement about Ty’s status going forward. Obviously the health of the player is first and foremost. Additionally (presumably) the addition of Ty Lawson would mean an attempt to “win” more games going forward. As bad as the Nuggets have looked the last 8 games (remember, the Nuggets slide actually began when Ty was still healthy) some injection of good karma may benefit this team going forward.
Obviously times are tough over at Pepsi Center with each subsequent loss looking worse and worse, however it would be interesting to see how the team approaches the Lawson injury going forward considering their Lottery prospects are enhanced by continued losing (coupled with the New York Knicks struggles).
So Stiffs…would you be ok with the return of Ty Lawson potentially hurting Lottery positioning? Quite frankly I’m all for him coming back. The games have been downright depressing to watch, and I’m sure people at Pepsi Center don’t don’t more ugly atmosphere’s like the last game against the Brooklyn Nets