According to Shams Charania of the Athletic, Tim Connelly — current President of Basketball Operations for the Denver Nuggets — is in serious talks with the Minnesota Timberwolves for the same position.

Tim Connelly has had a couple of times that he has almost left Denver, and this is another one. He had interest from the Washington Wizards a couple of seasons ago. He is a hot commodity, and has a good record with the Denver Nuggets. However, it is not something completely out of the blue.

He may be trying to leverage this for a raise, or as Dane Moore has stated — a potential stake of ownership in the organization. The Timberwolves see Connelly as a top 5 President of Basketball Operations in the league, and will be pursuing him intently.

The Nuggets and Nuggets fans should be concerned by this report. Tim Connelly is the architect of this team and is very valuable to the culture of the team as well. If the ownership group needs to give him a raise to get him to stay, so be it. Do what you can to keep him in Denver, and do it as quickly as you can. If one team can be in talks with him, all teams can be in talks with him. Bidding for personnel is rarely a good thing in the NBA and you want to get Connelly back focusing on the Nuggets as soon as possible.