This week’s set of the week is another counter out of the Denver Nuggets Ballscreen motion. We already took a look the basic motion and the screen the screener counter, and this week we are going to look at a counter that gets the point guard to attack out of a a Ballscreen after another ball reversal.

The set starts off like the basic Ballscreen motion, with the point guard receiving a Ballscreen on the wing and passing to the trailing big in the sweet spot. After the big receives the ball he dribble hand offs to the opposite guard coming off a Pindown.

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This is where the wrinkle of this set starts. The guard receives the hand off and then quickly reverses back to the point guard who then receives a step up Ballscreen from the big to look to score. This is “Knicks” Ballscreen which is a Ballscreen after a quick ball reversal into a Ballscreen.

Knicks 2

I like this action and the Nuggets have added into their sets. Look for more sets and wrinkles with this “Knicks” action to allow their guards to attack easier out of a Ballscreen.